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Nazdar lidi,
Chodím ted často do Technicke knihovny NTK psat diplomku. Moc se mi to tam libi. Mneky kauce, Wifi, soukrome studijni bunky i skupinové sály, PC, kavarna kde i vari, vstup bez regustrace. Jsem tam skoro kazdy den, tak kdyz musite studovat nebo pracovat na necem tak se pripojte jen mi napiste a muzeme pracovat spolu a pak zajit dolu na kafe a koláč a pokecat


I often go to Czech National Library of Technology (NTK) to work on my master thesis. It is a really cool place to study in my opinion. You can work on a table, or lie down confortably in a sofa and read a book of your interest. You can use wifi (eduroam), or library PCs for your work. You don't even have to register. There is a nice cafe downstairs with wide offer of drinks, cakes, even lunch menu.
So if you have to study or work on something, but you can not concentrate at home, come to join me in NTK. You get your work/study done here easily because of the study environment and we can have a drink and chat down in the cafeteria, or go somewhere afterwards. Just write me a message. I am there almost every day


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